Project Quality Management

Your project may be the most effectively planned and managed, but if it doesn't deliver a high quality product that meets the needs of the customer, you haven't succeeded. Learn how to develop a quality management plan. Using the Goal publication, explore process mapping, building a Pareto Chart, fishbone analysis, statistical process control and a whole range of other tools and how to apply them for quality assurance and control.

Course Benefit
  • Measure and demonstrate the quality of project deliverables
  • Ensure that projects meet specific organizational, industry and governmental standards
  • Apply quality management techniques to “real world” project management situations
  • Reduce costs of rework and increase the likelihood of customer satisfaction
  • Improve productivity by reducing missed milestones caused by poor quality
  • Minimize quality problems to enhance project cost performance
  • Reduce the likelihood of project failure
  • Improve quality management processes for future projects
Who Should Attend?
  • Project and program managers, PMO managers, business analysts in a project team, individuals and managers who want to understand the project quality process and tools and senior managers.
What You Will Learn
  • Quality management: defining quality in a project
  • Project management processes and common quality methods and tools
  • Determining quality objectives, standards and levels
  • Gaining stakeholder input and guidance on quality policies and targets
  • Developing project quality policies: setting a project quality baseline
  • Determining cost/benefits of quality management methods
  • Calibrating measurements for accuracy and testing them for consistency
  • Conducting quality control and monitoring results
  • Performing corrective actions
Jadwal Anda:
  • February 09-10, 2012 - Jakarta
  • May 07-08, 2012 - Bandung
  • August 27-28, 2012 - Jakarta
  • November 05-06, 2012 - Bandung
Investasi Anda:
  • Rp.3.500.000,00/peserta (tidak termasuk pajak, akomodasi & transportasi)
Informasi & Registrasi: